E-Commerce For Hospitality

birorder! is a leading online ordering platform with best-in-class technology for contactless table ordering, pickup, delivery

Make your own Online Digital Menu.

  • Table Ordering

    QR Code & NFC Contactless Ordering Platform.

  • Pickup & Delivery

    Web, Mobile & App Ordering for Pick Up & Delivery.

  • Payment

    Online payment and cache for customer orders.


Extra & variants

QR builder

Tables managment

Web application

Ooh! have your own application now

Your customers will be able to install your web application on their phones. It supports almost all operating systems, even desktops

Everything under your managment

You will have complete control and reports of your business on your dashboard

Orders managment

Customer reports

Financial reports

See a demo online menu

Just open the camera on your phone and scan the QR code below!